Sights & Museums

The Stadthuys

Red Square

Dutch Square is another popular name for the Malacca Town Square. It is said to have been built in the middle of the 17th century, as the office of the Dutch Governor and Deputy Governor and is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the east. It features salmon red walls, because of that, in recent years, the Dutch Square has also been called the Red Square.

Here you'll find the Trishaw Rides. They are the best way to enjoy Malacca in a slow and laid back manner, and can be rented on hourly or distance covered basis.

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Porta de Santiago


The hallmark of Malacca and perhaps the most photographed subject next to the Stadhuys. This is where you can see the ruins of a Portuguese fortress.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral

Best sunset in Melaka

St Paul's Church is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Malaysia. To get to the top of St. Paul's hill (it was previously called Malacca Hill or Bukit St. Paul), you'll start near Stadthuys. There you will see the entrance to the path that takes you up. Enjoy the cool breeze and a phenomenal sunset in Melaka.

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Francis Xavier Church

This beautiful Church is just 5 min walking distance from our guesthouse. Standing in front of the church you may notice that it is crooked. 

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Malacca River

River Cruise

The Melaka River is a popular tourist attraction primarily because of the 45-minute River Cruise. A nice way to explore the city. Best time to do the cruise is around sunset.

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Jonker street

Jalan Hang Jebat

Jonker Street is the main road of Chinatown. Every night from Friday to Sunday you can buy many souvenirs, as well as many delicious foods! Pineapple tarts, cendol, laksa, chicken rice balls, coconut shakes and much more.

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Cheng Hoon Teng temple

The oldest Buddhist place of worship in the country & the oldest, grandest temple in Malacca. Set near the Hindu temple "Sri Pogyatha Vinoyagar" along Jalan Hang Lekiu (on Jonker Street).

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Maritime museum

The museum is not just for those who are in love with ships and pirates, it gives insight on Melaka's history. The museum is fully air-conditioned! It's opened daily from 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM (Closed on Tuesday). The fee of  the 2 RM ticket gives you access to two other museums located around the main ship.

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Taming Sari Revolving Tower

Enjoy breathtaking 360-degree views of the historic city and the coastline. A great way for a different perspective on the city of Malacca! A 10 min trip will cost you about 20 RM. We recommend to only do this on a really nice day with a clear sky.

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Cultural Museum

Malacca Sultanate Palace

Situated at the foot of St. Paul 's Hill, it is the only Malay palace from Malacca's glorious past of the sultanate era. The palace has been turned into a museum. The flower garden surrounding the palace makes this place well worth visiting.

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A’Famosa Resort

A’Famosa Resort is a place worth visiting for the whole family. The offers include an international 27-hole golf course, Cowboy Town, Animal World Safari, Water World Theme Park, Equestrian Club and much more.

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Malacca Zoo

Malacca Zoo is the second largest zoo in Malaysia. It's located 13 km outside of Malacca city. The way to really get into the thick of things is to volunteer to clean cages and help out with educational activities!

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Chicken Rice Ball

Sate Celup


Tiga Ros

Relaxed Outdoor Sitting

They offer a vast selection of food and drinks, especially during lunch time. Located right next to our guesthouse you can't miss it. We recommend Biryani rice, Roti canai, Naan and if you need to cool down: ABC!

Selvam Restaurant

Our favorite: Banana Leaf Rice

A small Indian restaurant located in the center of Melaka. Prices are low, the staff is friendly and the food delicious. Banana leaf menu is very nice and it won them an award for the best Indian restaurant some years ago. In our opinion it is still among the best in town.

Madras Cafe

Our favorite: Roti Canai

The Madras Cafe is a popular place, just around the corner from our guesthouse. It opens from about 7AM to 11PM. It is never empty, selling really nice basic food served by friendly staff. Best Teh Tarik and Roti Canai in town!

Capitol Satay Restaurant

Sate Celup

Very fun to experience! Sate Celup is a typical Malaccan way of eating sate skewers with all types of food, varying from meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Capitol satay is very popular among locals and foreigners and you will often see a long queue waiting outside.


Dataran Pahlawan

It has a collection of upmarket designer shops and restaurants on the ground and upper floors and a craft and souvenir market in the basement.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 
Address: Jalan Merdeka 75000, Bandar Hilir.

Mahkota parade

For practical needs such as camera shops, a pharmacy or electronics store.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 
Address: Jalan Merdeka 75000, Bandar Hilir.

Hatten Square

Suitable for Food & Beverage, Cafe, Fruits Stall, Garments, Gift Shop, Flower Shop, IT Accessories, Fast Food Stall and a lot more.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00 
Location: Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir 

Street markets

  • Jonker Walk (Weekend Night Market): It can get really crowded in the evening, karaoke sessions are being held at the Chinese stage! You can find lots of local food, antiques, textiles, handicrafts and souvenirs. Be prepared to drive a hard bargain on items that catches your fancy, otherwise you'll end up burning a hole in your pocket!
  • Sunday Morning Antique Market: More than 350 exhibitors and about forty antique shops display their best merchandise to the numerous visitors of the largest antique and flea market.
  • Every Morning Food Market! A local Chinese market just 100m from our guest house. Grab fresh vegetables/fruits or try some of the mouth-watering Chinese sweets.


Pineapples cookies

Durian candy